Heartcore Software


dotpusher creates cutting-edge custom Web, Api and IoT apps from scratch using the latest generic Microsoft technologies and software architecture design pattens.

dotpusher produces enterprise solutions that conform to the highest standards of software engineering practice.

Our solutions are based on the following patterns and frameworks:

  • MVVM C# UWP Desktop & Raspberry Pi Apps
  • MVC .net Core Web Apps - Responsive
  • MVC .net Core API SaaS - RESTful

We do not use off-the-shelf CMS systems because we believe they are a false bargain. Our custom code is easier to understand, budget for, build and maintain.

If you need a state of the art system that outperforms your requirements, contact us!

Web Development

dotpusher builds state-of-the-art MVC web systems by hand using standard generic Microsoft MVC components.

We do this because our custom-built systems are cheaper to build and easier to use and extend than the off-the-shelf CMS cousins.

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API Development

Our secure two-way real-time API technology powers diverse web services and online clients.

dotpusher uses .net Core MVC to build the API backbone for mobile, native and Raspberry Pi apps.

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IoT Development

dotpusher has been developing on the Raspberry Pi since 2012.

All our IoT and native app development is done in C# UWP. This allows the app to be programmed once and then run on any standard Windows 10 desktop, XBox or cheap Raspberry Pi.

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