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FBM Online Training

Produced by Dave Krowitz in 2012

The Fertile Body Method is a movement dedicated to helping couples conceive by working with the body in a holistic way.

This site is a fully interactive multimedia CMS-driven online training system, complete with PayPal integration, advanced user management functionality, sophisticated monitoring and analytics and a fun intuitive design.

The site incorporates interactive questioning and follow up correspondence with the students to track progress, effectiveness and site usage.

The site was written entirely in C# MVC, JQuery and Ms-Sql.

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Multimedia classroom

The fully CMS driven classroom environment can accommodate streaming video, audio and Flash presentations. Also note the easy navigation with a lesson and its associated media items.

Community Building

The site contains fully custom built Forums and Comments sections to encourage community participation in the site. There are also links to all the social bookmarking engines.

The site also utilises email notifications to inform members of areas of activity within the site, upcoming webinars etc.

Student Progress Reports

The site features extensive user progress and analytical tools to allow site admins to monitor the site usage, and to show the user how far they have progressed through the site.

Custom user profiles were implemented to maintain usage records and automated user expiry functionality.