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British Telecom TMC Incident Board

Produced by Dave Krowitz in 2007

BT is the dominant fixed line telecommunications and broadband Internet provider in the United Kingdom.

This incident board is being used in their call centres around the world to inform their operators about the status of service disruptions.

The website features full user security control, database driven dynamic content, and an admin consol with comprehensive user, database and maintenance tools

The system was built with ASP.NET 2.0 C#, JScript and SQL server

The logon screen for the Incident Board

The ASP.net membership class was used to implement access control throughout this site. This provided encrypted passwords, password recovery mechanisms and admin control of user roles.

Menu Screen

The menu screen shows the main areas of interest for an admin user.

The Incident Board

The incident board shows the basic summary of information about problems related to the running of the service, and includes a detailed search facility.

Incident Editing Screen

The editing screen allows an admin user to track the progress of an incident's resolution and add or edit updates to its status.

Report Creation

The incident board also included reporting facilities so BT could easily view the state of the reported incidents.